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We give you a loan assessment within 12 hours, or the first month’s interest is on us.
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Faster Than The Bank.
And More Financially Fair Than Other Non-Bank Lenders.

We’re not your average finance provider. We are your business finance partner. Funda is a group of entrepreneurs who — having started and run many small businesses ourselves — understand the challenges you face.

Our business loans give you an interest rate up to 50% lower than what other non-bank lenders offer you. We’ll keep in contact with you to ensure your repayment conditions don’t stop you putting your finance solution to the best possible use in your business. Our friendly team can assess your business loan for you in just 12 hours.

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Funda Can Help You In Two Ways

A Fast And Fair Business Loan

Our business loan interest rate is 2% a month. HALF what most other non-bank lenders offer you. Some non-bank lenders charge you up to 48% interest (per annum) on small business financing. That means a $10,000 is going to cost you an extra $4,800 in repayments over 12 months, plus additional fees and charges. We provide a fairer alternative.

Better CashFlow: We’ll Cover Your Outstanding Invoices Immediately

We know what it’s like to have thousands of dollars out of reach in the form of outstanding invoices. It creates uncertainty, frustration and potentially major cashflow problems. Which is why we’ve created BetterCashFlow.

Say a client owes you $10,000 and you can’t afford to spend months chasing them up. We’ll pay you 95% of all approved invoices — in this case $9,500 — straight away. Simply leave the balance to us to follow up.

Faster Than A Bank. Fairer Than Other Non-Bank Lenders.

Funda is proud to offer a faster, fairer set of small business finance solutions than most other providers. We are faster and more personal than a bank. We give you fairer and more manageable interest rates than most other non-bank lenders.

Our aim is simple: We connect you with a great finance solution for your business. And we make that process fast and hassle free.

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Partner With Funda On The Path To Business Success

Funda | We’ve Successfully Lent Tens Of Millions So Far:

Funda’s fast and friendly finance solutions have already helped hundreds of small businesses around Australia. That number is growing all the time because we offer solutions banks and other non-bank lenders can’t.

Funda | You’ll Never Have To Chase A Client’s Invoice Again:

Our BetterCashFlow solution is the no-brainer way to skip straight to having outstanding invoices in your account now. Leave us to follow up the balance of the invoice.

Funda | We’ll Guarantee Loan Satisfaction For A Full 30 Days:

If you take out a small business loan with Funda, but you’re not happy with the arrangement or your circumstances change within your first 30 days, no worries! Simply repay what you borrowed within your first month, and we will waive all fees and charges for that period.

How we've helped our clients grow:

How Funda Can Help Your Business Grow


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Get your loan assessed within 12 hours or the first month’s interest is on us!

“I am a commercial finance broker. My client needed a loan to capitalise on a business opportunity in their local area. Funda extended them a loan of $40,000 within 12 hours. My client repaid the loan within 3 months at 6% interest in total. There was no penalty for repaying the loan early. I’d recommend Funda to other commercial and mortgage brokers and their clients.”

KeithNewcastle Broker

“The team at Funda have been an invaluable resource for my business. Not only have they provided the opportunity to improve cash flow, but the process was fast, easy and flexible. Exactly what a small business needs for growth.”

Jason ThomsonImpact Health Studio

“The money was in my account when I needed it and this put my mind at ease. I can’t thank them enough for helping me out!”

Jarrod MullenAustralian former professional rugby league footballer

“Funda played a pivotal role in accelerating and optimising our sales process. Their system and process is fast and they always take our call if we get stuck or need help. Our business grew exponentially thanks to Funda. ”

Brad SmithDirector of Braap Motorcycles,
2 x Australian Young Entrepreneur of the year, 4 x Australian Business of the Year

Get Your Loan Assessed Within 12 Hours Or Pay No Interest For The First Month.

Right now, we’re looking to help out MORE hardworking Australian small business owners with fast, fair and friendly finance. So speak with us about a small business loan. It takes just 15 minutes on the phone for us to get you on your way to a personalised loan assessment.

If we can’t get your loan assessed within 12 hours, we’ll waive the first month’s interest payments. For fast, friendly, fair finance, speak with us NOW.