Helping businesses reach their potential.

The Funda Team

The future we want for small Australian businesses.

We have a bold vision for small to medium business in Australia. We envisage a future where SME’s take control back from lenders feasting on their assets. A future where business owners are free to focus on growing their business. Because we know that if someone starts their own business, it’s because they love their trade, not because they love dealing with complex loan terms!

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The Funda Team

Why partner with us

We’ve lent millions of dollars to Aussie businesses, we offer one of the market’s leading repayment terms and provide a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. What this means is, if your circumstances change or you simply change your mind within the first 30 days, just pay us back what you borrowed and we will waive all fees and charges.

What makes us different

We are faster than a bank and more financially fair than other non-bank lenders. We are your finance partner. What this means is we get to know you and your business so we can provide the finance you need, when you need it.

How we help Aussie Small Businesses

we can lend up to in our business loans.
business hour loan assessments.
days satisfaction guarantee.
Team Funda

Australia's most personal
non-bank lender.

We are a finance partner, not just a lender. We
offer faster access to loans and cash flow with
fairer terms, as well as longer than average loan
terms. These policies and practices stem from our
core value – to help businesses reach their

We help businesses grow.

What makes us unique? Everything we do is focused towards helping YOUR business grow. Quick and easy access to funds means that you can take advantage of a situation without the red tape. Plus, our rates and terms are market leading, giving your business more flexibility in the structure of your business loan.

Check out our video to see just what our customers & staff think make Funda unique.

Funda Team

Funda's Leadership Team

Nathan Wright, CEO

Nathan is the CEO and joint founder of Funda. As a leading finance partner in Australian business lending, Nathan is responsible for innovation, strategy and investor relations. An experienced company director, with a background from finance, mining and earth-moving, Nathan understands the need small businesses have for fast and more fair funding options.

Mark Owen, CFO

Mark is the CFO, COO and joint founder of Funda. With over 15 years experience as a company director, Mark is responsible for Funda’s finance, governance and sales. Outside of work, Mark is a passionate community leader with strong ties to Surf Life Saving NSW.

Funda Team
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About Funda

Funda is a business focused finance company based in Newcastle that operates nationally. We’ve been around since 2013 offering small business loans and helping our clients cover their outstanding invoices immediately. Find out more about our services here.