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We know that as a Broker your clients value what you do for them. They value your expertise and how you’re able to quickly provide them access to the funds they need for their business. Now we’ve made it even easier to provide a high level of quality service to your small business clients. Conditionally approve your own clients (before speaking with us) on loans of up to $25,000 based on 180 days of bank statements.

Qualifying Criteria:

12 months active ABN or ACN.
GST registered.
Credit score > 500.
Profitable business.

Bank statement criteria:

  • Minimum of $10k revenue a month. *note 1
  • Minimum account daily balance greater than $150.
  • No payment dishonours.
  • Evidence of ATO payments/ refunds. *note 2
  • Suitable loan stacking. *note 3
  • No adverse account transactions. *note 4


  1. $10k revenue/ month is defined as business revenue and excludes Government assistance, loan funds & owner funds.
  2. ATO Portal required if no evidence.
  3. Maximum of two existing SME loans (0 new loans in last 90 days) and no payday loans.
  4. Debt collection and limited gambling.

If your client meets the criteria you can now submit the application here.  If you wish to speak to us prior simply get in touch here, or speak to one of the team on 1300 647 996.

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