My Trade Account

Get your outstanding accounts paid faster.

Improve cash flow

Don't waste time chasing client invoices

You’ll never have to chase a client invoice again.

We know what it's like to have thousands of dollars out of reach in the form of outstanding invoices. It creates uncertainty, frustration and potentially major cash flow problems. That's why we've created My Trade Account.

How does it work?

Say a client owes you $10,000 and you can't afford to spend months chasing them up. We'll pay you 95% of all approved invoices - in this case $9,500 - straight away. Simply leave the balance for us to follow up. If the client pays their invoice by the due date, we will pay you an extra 3%, meaning the total cost to you for the service is 2%.

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Improve cash flow

Get paid for your services right away, every time.

Peace of mind

You’ll never need to worry about accounts remaining unpaid.

Save on staffing costs

Accounts receivable will be a thing of the past!

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of your business.

As a small to medium business owner, having thousands of dollars out of reach in the form of unpaid invoices can put some serious strains on your business’s opportunity to operate and grow.

Get back to doing what you do – running your business. Leave us to follow up your invoices for you. We will pay you up to 98% of the invoice amount. You will never need to vet, on-board, and chase your clients with follow ups and reminders ever again.

Helping you grow. 

Nine out of ten SMEs report their growth is hampered by cash flow challenges. More than one-fifth of businesses could not take on new work because of their cash flow situation.

Trade account cash flow graph

Compare My Trade Account against traditional trade accounts.

Graph figures are based on a live business showing improved cash flow using My Trade Account – reducing time, administration and finance costs, whilst eliminating risk for bad debt and late payers.

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