Business Success Stories

The Success Our
Small Business Clients
Have Experienced

A Selection Of Client Success Stories

Dean Little, Founder, Ocean Playground

  • Funda’s small business loan meant investment in tools which has improved productivity by 20% in 6 months.
  • Access to cash within 12 hours vs 30 days to access to bank loan.
  • Repaid loan in 6 months.
  • Won the Innovation prize in the 2017 Hunter Manufacturing Awards.

James Sneddon, Hospitality Entrepreneur

  • Halved interest rate fees since partnering with Funda. From 40% to 24% per annum.
  • Reduced weekly repayments by 60% due to lower fees and longer term.
  • Result: Free up cash flow to manage wages and supplier costs.
  • Partnered with Funda over a 3-year period.

Jason Oliver, Sol Invictus

  • Increased revenue from $0 to $2 million in 4 years.
  • Small business loans from Funda has secured this growth.
  • Has been a Funda finance partner for 4 years

Ben Donaldson, Builder and Founder of Magnetic Shoes Co.

  • Started business March 2017.
  • Experienced a frustrating knock-back for bank loan with 60% on pre-order from Australia’s leading building supplier Stratco.
  • Got access to $80,000 loan from Funda within 12 hours.
  • Turned $80,000 loan into $260,000 in revenue.
  • Projected to sell 6,000 pairs of shoes in first year of business.

More Funda customers

Mrs Claus
& Santa

Christine applied for a line of credit to get ready for Christmas trade. She used the funds to improve her website, build up stock levels and redesign their store.


We extended a loan to a rural farming business that will equip him with the funds he needs to ensure he can purchase enough feed for his animal stock while the area is experiencing drought.

Civil Building

Having completed large projects, their reputation awarded them another large contract. The line of credit allowed them to take on the additional work without the associated cash flow pressure.

Gym Supply
Retail Store

A business owner wished to refinance a loan from a different provider. Our loan worked out to be cheaper than his current loan repayments – even with borrowing extra money to invest in more stock.

a franchise

By taking external factors into consideration we provided a tailored finance solution. We don’t only rely on computer algorithms, we also get one of our team to assess every loan application.

foods business.

A retailer applied for a business loan to increase stock levels and pay down suppliers. ⁣The owner was able to get into a better financial position, by negotiating better supplier discounts.

Growing a
cafe franchise

Our customer runs a café franchise. They approach us about our line of credit product as they needed to fit out two new stores for a franchisee before they would receive payment for the franchise. ⁣

adding services

They wanted a loan to expand their business’s offering to include laser services. Purchasing the asset enabled the business to attract new customers, as well as up selling to their existing base. 


They wanted to refinance an existing loan and credit card debt. We were able to consolidate the debt, simplifying their obligations plus providing better terms and a lower interest rate. 

Peace of

A rehabilitation provider approached us for a line of credit facility. The Director was seeking the funds to maintain positive cash flow within her business while she planned to be away on an international business trip. 

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